Tuesday, March 14, 2017

PTI Anniversary Transformation Challenge

Papertrey Ink is having it's 10 year anniversary celebration and it's a snow day here in NY!  Got the chance to play along with today's "transformation challenge."  To take a card that you previously made, use the tips that have been listed on Nichole's blog this week, and make a new one!

Here is my first version of the card. 

 I hate this card, LOL!  The layout is terrible, unbalanced, and the sentiment pairing sprouted from an embossing mistake. Just...not a good look!  I only posted it because it was for the November blog hop and I had spent so long trying to fix it!

I used this tip from Nichole's blog...

Here is my new card:

Okay, this is better, but something is still not to my liking!  I think I should've cut the branch down a bit more, and the colors together are still not my fave, which surprises me because the inspiration piece was so awesome!  

Off to see if I can get another card done for the challenges!


Jane C. said...

Oh I just love your transformation. It really pops.

merryf said...

oh this is beautiful! Love the branches hanging over the mat!

Birgit said...

I love the transformation of your card - but - to be honest..... I would have never chosen your Christmas card for a transformation, cause I liked it right away :-)

paperkicks said...

Awesome transformation!! I do love the new card, but I also love how the "Christmas" sentiment raises on the background of your first card! Stay warm...and I hope spring arrives soon for you!

Kelly said...

I think both of your cards are lovely, especially your colour choices!