Sunday, October 30, 2011

Say a Prayer

Katie Renz is fighting so hard right now as evident in her husband Kevin's most recent blog post seen here:

Please say a prayer for the Renz Family.  They need us now as much as ever.  The i heart papers page with the donation link is HERE.  Kevin also said to keep those cards coming, as Katie loves to see them!  Here is her address again:

Katie Renz
PO Box 5913
Bellingham, WA 98227-5913

Thank you!


Sue Ann said...

Good Morning Kelly. Over on the PTI board there is a tread that reads Update on Katie. In the tread Cheryl posted a link to a MB that has been started for things that can be done for the boys. Between November 17 and Dec 1 the 3 boys and Kevin all have birthdays so this is really hard time of year. Just thought I would pass along the info incase you did not know about it yet!! xoxo

Kelly S. said...

Thanks so much, Sue Ann!