Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This one's for Speedy!

Last week I had the honor of hosting Mothermark's Teapot Tuesday Challenge at Splitcoaststampers!  Every Tuesday Mothermark, aka Cindy Motherway, chooses a teapot and tells an outlandish story inspired by it.  Then we are all to make a card inspired by her story...usually the teapot is the "theme" of the party, and lets us travel to spots all around the globe. 

For my party, we went to Florida to see the famous "Speedy the Cat".  That's Faith Hofrichter's cat....she is also known as "Markie's Mom" at Splitcoast. The party was in her honor as she has 100,000 posts!  My  party was entitled "A Tuesday TeaPOST for the one with the MOST!"  Faith always tells funny stories about her black cat Speedy.  So here is the teapot, my story, and my card:

Have you ever noticed that number under your avatar? The one that notes how many posts or comments that you have made? Some people are just starting out in the 100's, some people are in the middle of the road at 5,000, and some are even over 10,000 and get to change from a "Glitter Guru" to a name of their choice!

But THEN there is Faith (Markie's Mom). OH MY GOSH...GET the CAFFEINE! She is closing in on 100,000 posts/comments!!!!!!! That's a whole lotta love on Splitcoast! She WOWS us with her gorgeous cards, has her own new stamp company "Mark's Finest Papers," and the COMMENTS, oh the comments she leaves all of us! You know we ALL love when that smiley blonde pops up in our gallery. So today we are throwing a party for Faith...a Tuesday TeaPOST for the one with the MOST!

So here's the story:

Faith has this little black cat named Speedy. Speedy gets into alot of trouble, and has Faith calling for the Tylenol on a daily basis! He dumps her bins of scrap paper, fiddles with her ribbons, and waltzes across her ink pads! Well Faith has had ENOUGH! She thinks that Speedy needs to go on a little vacation. Faith saw an ad in the Florida Gazette that Kittie Caracciolo was hosting a little "Learn to Cause a Scene" watercoloring session nearby. PERFECT, she thought, because Speedy can DEFINITELY do that! Here comes the surprise...once Speedy is out of the house, we can all head to Faith's kitchen for a little relaxation and some TEA.

This ain't no LARK, MARK! (Mark is Faith's husband, who is desperately trying to book a flight out for him and for Markie, because the thought of all of the teapotters and their weekly antics in the kitchen is making him a tad nervous). There is one teeny problem. Speedy is slacking on the packin'! There he sits among a pile of freshly folded laundry. Faith has told him "like 100,000 times" to get going or he'll miss the bus!

So we need LOTS of ideas to get Speedy on the move! Bring your best ideas to the party...or maybe a few snacks to tempt him...or how about showing him all of the fun he will have making scenes with Kittie?! Maybe you could show us the scene at Faith's house as she waits for Speedy to get packin'!! How about tempting Speedy with the promise of a Florida Feline Lady Friend or participating in the annual Florida Gator Wrestling Contest which happens to start on Tuesday! Bwahahaha! But I must say, if you bring a skeery dog, then you'll have to come in the back door!

And here is my card.  It's called "Markie Saves the Day"...he loaded up Speedy's suitcase into his Little Red Wagon, and headed off to the bus station, leaving Speedy to chase after calling, "Markie wait for ME!"  (My Speedy is courtesy of Pink Persimmon's Little Cuties!)


Julia Aston said...

I just love this little guy with his wagon - reminds me of my elementary Dick and Jane school books - great out of the box placement - and your little kitty trying to jump in that wagon is adorable Kelly!

Samantha said...

Very cute kelly, love this little set and I love the card you made.