Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pink Persimmon's Bakery Box Bonanza!

It's Day Four of the Pink Persimmon Bakery Box Bonanza, and that means it's my turn!  The Creative Team was asked to decorate one of the pink bakery gift boxes for a special someone this month.  I chose the Fairy Kisses stamp set for my project.

 And what better treat to hide inside...Hershey Kisses of course!  You can see them peeking through...

The trick was to cut a hole out of the top of the box, place a clear cylinder inside (a cut pepsi bottle...a great idea from my husband Jason!), and then hide a "Happy Birthday" message inside.

When the box is closed, the Hershey Kisses stay put, but they make a beautiful frame around the inside of the box!  A sweet birthday surprise, for sure!

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Kristie Larsen said...

I love this idea Kelly, its SO cool!