Wednesday, August 26, 2009

WOW Wednesday!

Today is the beginning of my new challenge!  The Challenge is called WORD OF the WEEK, thus the keyword WOW!  I love ALL of the Splitcoast Weekly Challenges, but find I have the easiest time creating a card for Saturday's Inspiration Challenge! SmilynStef always picks the best websites and inspiration pieces!  So I wanted to try my own version of an inspiration challenge.

This challenge was also inspired a bit by Julia Stainton and a "Ways to Use it Challenge" entitled "One Word".  We had to make a card with any images but only "one word" on the card, and that got me to thinking about how cards can be inspired by words, too!

My love of words started way back when I was learning to read. Language Arts and English were my favorite subjects throughout school, and these became my strongest subjects, too.  My sweet Uncle Barry presented me with quarters from his infamous "sailor" bank whenever I visited him in Sackets Harbor, NY, and I often chose to go and buy books.  Two of the most important books that I have ever purchased were with that money!  I bought the "Joy of Signing" so that I could learn sign language, and that was one of the most influential steps in my becoming a Speech Pathologist.  I also bought a brand-spanking new red Webster's Dictionary that I still have today!  I told him I wanted to read the WHOLE thing, and that I would start by learning a few new words a day.  Well, I didn't always keep up with this promise, but I am hoping with this challenge, to get back on track!

I chose today's word for obvious reasons!  But starting next week, I am going to TRY to open to a random page each week, drag my finger down a page of my Uncle Barry's gift dictionary, and stop at a word (within reason for card-making!)...I will share that word and a definition, and hopefully we'll all learn some new words and have some fun making a card inspired by them!

Today's word of the week is "NEW". 

Webster's has a long definition for the word "new", but here are some highlights!
         -having existed or having been made but a short time; recent        
         -having been seen, used, or known for a short time; novel; unfamiliar
         -having been in a relationship or condition but a short time
         -being other than the former or old
         -beginning as the as the resumption or repetition of a previous act or thing
        -different from one of the same category that existed previously
        -of dissimilar origin and usually of superior quality

This challenge will be much like Mothermark's Teapot Tuesday in the "rule" category...ummmm, there are NO rules! Just make a card inspired by the word of the week...the card can have the "word" on it, or can just be inspired by the definition, or just by what the word means to YOU! 

Then post your card at Splitcoaststampers (this week with the keyword "WOW01"). If you are not a member at SCS, just post a link to your card here on my blog in the comments section!

Here is my "New" sample card!

Thanks so much for playing along today!  SNUGS!


Susan said...

Yipee Skipee, I am first to say WOW!!! I love words, remember you gave me the moniker QOS. I'll play and I know just what 'new' word I'll use.

Love your idea, Kelly and I am sure it will be a grand success. Off to create...b back later!!!

Sabrina said...

I love words :D. I'll miss the next couple of weeks, but I'm glad I was here to play along first time round. A bit slowly - been watching To Kill a Mocking Bird, and I don't normally watch DVDs when I'm crafting.
I used a NEW set and a scripture quote for today's sketch challenge. I even used the quote in English this time, used the same verse in French for DH's birthday card.
Congratulations on your wonderful Word challlenge.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly
I love he idea I will try to play when i can..
Is Cathy Nutmeg your real sister?

peggysue said...

I love words too! What a neat challenge. I will be looking for some idea to use the word 'new' or do something new with stamping . . . maybe use ink? No . . . that's been done before. Think, think, think . . . paper?!??!?!? No, no, I think that's been done too . . . okay, I'll put my thinkin' cap on REAL tight and try harder. :)

MariLynn said...

Kelly, like Susan and Sabrina I am a words person too. What a creative challenge. You are AWESOME!

Francie G. said...

Love your new challenge, Kelly!



Joanne (jojot) said...

discovered this through peggysue's blog......will have to give this a try when I have some the NO RULES of luck with WOW

Anonymous said...

i was just thinking i wish i could be part of a group that all does the same challenges together all the time.... however none have really inspired me to be consistent.

words, though, that can grab me. and one for joy.... i love her.

i just found this now so i have nothing new for today. i'll lurk for this first one unless there is no time limit?

thanks for the inspiration :)



Kelly Schirmer said...

Lela, there is not a time limit at any time you want~!

Mothermark said...

How fun is this! I will have to keep an eye out for your Wednesday words....

here's a good word! SNUGS! Snort!

Okay, seriously, I will be checking this out! I am so not good with words...maybe I will learn you have spell check, that is what I really need! Oops..I was supposed to be serious!

Marilynn told me about this new challenge! I don't get out of my blog too often although I must try harder! How fun! Be seeing you..
gonna go find my dictionary now! Hee!

Charlene Merrick (LilLuvsStampin) said...

WOW!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your challenge idea, Kelly! I love words, too, and use to win spelling bees in elementary school (although you wouldn't know it by all the slang I use in my comments on Teapot Tuesdays--ha! ha!--but that's just for fun anyway and there are no rules when you're having fun! I'm on board with your challenge, my friend, and will participate as often as I can.

Your 'NEW' baby card is adorable!!!

Pat(foxy67) said...

this is really neat Kelly..should be a lot of fun..I used this one cauze all the embellies on here are *new* This is my card: