Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's Teapot Tuesday!

These cards were made for Mothermark's Teapot Tuesday Challenge at SCS (also known as Cindy!...check out her blog "This is My Story", listed in my blog list). She takes us on a journey every Tuesday. She posts a picture of a teapot from her vast collection, or one that just strikes her fancy, and then posts a story inviting us all to play along.
This week, we were in Nova Scotia at Peggy's Lighthouse. We were told we had to catch 42,000 pounds of fish to pay our keep, and for our overnight stay at the lighthouse. We always bring snacks to the party, so I was bringing Chips Ahoy. I brought my husband, Jason, too, so he could catch the fish! I told the story on SCS that my daughter Eva caught a 14-pound trout on her WalMart Barbie pole, and it was so big, my husband had to reel it in! Imagine a grown man, using his big muscles, while holding a teeny weeny pink fishing pole...ha, Cabela's or LL Bean, who needs you? The pole bent in half, but didn't break...go Barbie! So Jason came along, and while he was out fishing...I went to get Chips Ahoy, but couldn't find them in Canada...so off to the lighthouse kitchen to bake them! And look who was a stowaway...back in the basket, you! Now only 41, 999 to go~! By the way...Cindy said these parties aren't REAL?! Can you imagine...I suppose next she'll tell me there is no tooth fairy, sheesh!


Joan Ervin said...

I love your story about the Barbie fishing pole...my DH, who is a bass fisherman, was standing here while I was rolling on the floor laughing. I read him the story and he didn't laugh...just kept saying "a 14 lb trout, WOOOOWEEE!!! that's a man for ya!!! Love your blog, Kelly, and your tea party cards are FABULOUS!!!!

Julia Aston said...

What fun cards for our Nova Scotia party/trip Kelly! love that apron with it's overflowing pockets!

marilynprestonn said...

Hey there Kelly, how neat, you got a blog!Congratulations! Look at those little angels, yep, this one surely looks and acts like mama, always ready to make you laugh! They are soooo cute.

Hugs and snugs and all that jazz!

Judy Rozema said...

Such adorable cards!! I am so glad to have found your blog!