Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Dogs!

Jason is surrounded by girls...1 wife, 2 little girls, and 2 dog girls!
Meet our beagle/coonhound mix Phoebe Jean. She is named after Phoebe on Friends. When we got her she smelled HORRIBLE! Jason went up North to Booneville, NY (for real!) and rescued her from the barrel she was living in with her pup siblings. The owner threw raccoon pelts at them for food...thus the smell. We were trying to think of a flower name like Rosie, Posie, Daisy...but as I held her and sang "Smelly dog, sme-ll-y dog, what are they feeding you? " PHOEBE popped in my head and it stuck! Jean is after me, of course, my middle name!
And there is sweet, beautiful, horribly naughty Olive, our 1-year old lab. She chews everything, is not good at staying house-broken, barks alot, chases and nibbles the girls' feet, and pulls me down in the lawn when I walk her in snow...but she loves me more than she loves anyone else! Now I know what the term "follow you around like a puppy" means...she is always by my side.


foxy67(Pat) said...

I'm so glad Jason rescued this poor darling little dog, she is so cute.And I love the name Phobe Jean. And look at that darling face of Olive, how can she be so naughty :) Adorable pics.

One4Joy said...

I am so not a dog person, but your Phobe Jean is cute. And Olive, well we know that naughtyiness rubs off...could be you've rubbed off on her!

Francie G. said...

Ok, I want Phoebe! What a cutie! Olive has the sweetest face! What's not to love!

Charlene Merrick (LilLuvsStampin) said...

What sweet babies and, of course, one of them HAS to be naughty! LOL!

Crafty Math Chick said...

Thank you for posting pics of your adorable furbabies! And BLESS YOU for rescuing - we adopted our little guy (Tiberius, Ty for shot, my husband picked the name) in January and I cannot believe how much he has enriched my life.