Friday, December 31, 2010

Snail Mail Resolution!

It's that time to make New Year's Resolutions, and that is the theme for today's Friday Free for All Challenge at Splitcoast!  Make a card showing yours!  I really need to send the cards that I make.  It is my one and only resolution this year!  When I posted today, I noted that 2 things get in the way of the mailing...1)  Our local Post Office worker doesn't like me.  2)  I never have the right size of envelope on hand!  When Mr. Postman sees me coming, I can see him rolling his eyes.  He pokes, prods, and BENDS my cards as he decides which pile to put them in.  He asks questions like "Did you put PINS in this thing?" (I politely say "Those are called brads, sir!" with a cheery smile).  I can just see the recipient opening the card, and a shower of buttons falling out of the envelope after Mr. Postman's thorough investigation (before slapping extra postage on and declaring "This thing cannot be machine-sorted!!!")  So I vow to buy extra-large, fleece-lined envelopes this year.  Oodles of them.  I am sure they must have them at Staples! 

Made today's card using a snippet of my cherished "Thin Cherry Real Wood" paper by Creative Imaginations, a scrap of October Afternoon "Modern Homemaker" decorative paper, 2 mini pins (ha!), and the Vintage Picnic set from Papertrey Ink. 

Happy New Year, everyone!  I'll leave you with my favorite New Year's Eve pictures of all time.  I posted them last year, too...

 Claire and Olive rockin' it Dick Clark/Ryan Seacrest style last year.  Yes, only Phoebe (beagle in background) and I ever make it to see the ball drop!


One4Joy said...

Ha, ha, how true those postal stories...I just hate how they squeeze and rub my envelopes, too. And that fleece line idea is genius!!!

Your card is great for your one and only, Kelly. I went off to the studio to create my Friday card and got sidetracked (but now everything is all clean and ready to begin a new year of artful creating!)

I wish the happiest of New Years to you.

Crafty Math Chick said...

Happy New Year to you too Kelly! Lovely CAS card. I love these pics of Claire, Olive & Phoebe.

Cathy Weber said...

I loved your card, but have to admit that the pics of your little dolls was my favorite. Glad you shared them all with us.

Sue Ann said...

That story is hysterical ........ only because when I had to go to the post office in NYC I got the same treatment.......... I do not think they are a fan of the perky crafty ones:) I love this card and I always feel like I want these stamps and this is the exact reason why!!! Happy New Year!!

Heidi said...

Kelly that is a darling card! I love your post office story! Happy New Year!

Inkyfingers said...

Happy New Year Kelly and your photo is so sweet! In England we have similar problems with posting 'lumpy' cards. You have to try and push the card through a very thin slot at the Post Office and if it sticks you have to pay extra postage. The extra is fine for cards during the year but at Christmas when there are so many cards to send, it soon mounts up to an enormouse bill. I bet its hard to be polite with that snooty post guy when he's manhandling you gorgeous creations!
Carol x