Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Word of the Week #3!

A fine dose of W's this week...it IS Wednesday, and it IS the Word of the Week challenge...so off we go...Note:  This is the word that my finger landed on!

windstorm:  A storm marked by high wind with little or no precipitation.

HEE!  This is such a funny one! 

Here is my sample...."It's a Twistah, It's a Twistah!"


One4Joy said...

this is going to require some brain cells...many more than usual!

MariLynn said...

I agree with Susan, this is going to be a challenging one. I have a couple of ideas already though.

peggysue said...

Windstorm . . . okay . . . I think my brain landed on 'quandary' because that's what that word has me in . . . a stamping quandary.

peggysue said...

Okay schirmy, I've got one.