Thursday, July 15, 2010


I am in trouble.  My nephew Tyler's REAL birthday is July 6th.  When I checked to be sure of when his wife Melyssa's birthday was in March, he said "Don't forget mine!"  I never forget Tyler's as mine is December 6th and he is July 6th!!

Though I was there in person in New Jersey...I  left Rochester with no scheduled blog-a-birthday post ready to go!  I haven't missed anyone in the family yet by more than 1 day, so Tyler was blog-a-miffed!  I told him I would make it up by posting a super special one when I got home!  Here he is with my adorable great-nephew Travis!

Travis, Melyssa, Tyler, and Eva

I told him he couldn't be mad because his pictures are super current and I got him a present while I was there!  So HAPPY BELATED BLOG-A-BIRTHDAY, Tyler...only 356 days until your next one!

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