Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fly, Butterfly!

The first day of Kindergarten came and went without a hitch!  Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts!

Eva woke up, ate some eggs ("No yellow parts, Mom!"), and got dressed (no arguments)!

Her sister isn't a morning person...just like her Dad!!

Much to my chagrin, Eva had gym today, so she couldn't wear her "matchy-matchy" pink-flowered shoes...but these Dora sneakers ARE pretty cute!  Boy, her socks were WHITE and NEW, hee!

Aunt Kris and Uncle Vic came to see her get on the bus!  (Eva wondered where they were this morning!)

Mommy and Daddy were there, too!  It WAS sunny, but I needed my cool shades for ANOTHER reason!

Barbie backpack on, and ready to go!
BUS Shane's house!  I was so caught up in getting her on that I forgot to take a picture!

After the bus left, I noticed that a butterfly visited.  We've been waiting because this type of plant "attracts" butterflies.  Eva saw the picture later, after school, and said, "Mom, you should have caught him with our net."  But I told her, "Sometimes you have to let butterflies fly away, but they'll always come back." 


Anonymous said...

lovely pictures!! I just saw the girls a month ago - but they look so much older to me. Glad everything went well - I think Eva was ready for this day (even if mom may not have been)Eva was "stylin" and I could detect a slight sadness in Claire's face (maybe she was still sleepy). About that butterfly analogy - they do come back with a vengenance!!! Marion

Charlene Merrick (LilLuvsStampin) said...

Awwwwww! Your girls are so cute, and Eva looks so excited about school. Too bad mom had something in her eye that caused her to wear shades. :-)

MariLynn said...

How ironic to see that butterfly just as your little butterfly was testing her wings. She came back and mom didn't need to wear shades anymore... RIGHT? I loved Eva's outfit. What a cutie. Great photos.